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KLONE Toolkit 1.0 –
Marketing Program for Small Business Owners

If you are a startup or feel your business hasn’t reached its potential – KLONE is the perfect solution. Education is accomplished in a group setting of 5 to 10 members meeting twice a month for 2 hours each for five months.  The first meeting of the month is always a workshop followed two weeks later by a mastermind session to assure competence and successful implementation of the knowledge acquired in the workshop.

The member will finish KLONE Toolkit 1.0 with clarity about its customer persona, its value proposition, elevator speeches, its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and demonstrate competence in using Social Media Marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn, Email Marketing with MailChimp© and business development management through a FREE CRM system.

The following is a comprehensive list of actions that comprise Toolkit 1.0:

Month 1

  • Workshop on Business Practices – Customer Persona, Value Proposition.  Homework to create a 30 second and 2 minute Elevator Speech.  Refine the Persona and Value Proposition to share with members at Mastermind.
  • Mastermind to present and review completed Customer Persona, Value Proposition and Elevator Speech for each member.  Critiques by class.

Month 2

  • Workshop on Social Media Marketing with focus on Facebook and LinkedIn. Homework to create a Facebook or LinkedIn Ad.
  • Mastermind reinforcment to critique and support competent use of FB and/or LI or both. Critiques of Ads by class. Homework: Implement Ad to create leads.

Month 3

  • Workshop on Email Marketing & MailChimp. Discuss results of Social Media ADs. Homework: create 3 email messages for a lead generation campaign and demonstrate MailChimp competence.
  • Mastermind to demonstrate MailChimp competence and critique of 3 message lead generation campaign. Discuss adjustments.

Month 4

  • Workshop on Marketing Funnel Management with a CRM. Homework to register, add a list of leads/customers/prospects and create a short program of activities.
  • Mastermind to critique basic competence in using the CRM to track the business development funnel (leads through conversions). Critiques by class of CRM preparation.  Homework: Complete the KLONE knowledge manager, continue sending the 3 part MailChimp campaign and complete this mini-marketing test for presentation at next meeting.

Month 5

  • Mastermind to critique the results of the mini-marketing programs by our members.  Members will present their programs as a workshop exercise. Class and leaders offer critiques for improvement.
  • Mastermind (2nd in Month 5) to complete member reviews not completed in the first session.  Competent use will be provided in the form of a completion certificate.


KLONE Toolkit 1.0 costs less than $40 an hour – an amazing value!  With KLONE you will be trained to use proven techniques and tools supported with hands-on implementation services that will allow you to confidently grow your business.  You will not leave the program without a finished toolkit.

We know small businesses work on limited budgets, that’s why we’ve created a monthly payment plan allowing you to pay only $150 at the beginning of every month or a SAVINGS option equal to one month’s cost for a total of $600 for the entire course.


Members that complete the 5 month program in sequence are assured that they will have a ready-to-use fundamental marketing system that includes the techniques and tools as described in Toolkit 1.0. Proof that a competent toolkit was created and use was demonstrated is provided throughout the program during the Mastermind critique sessions.  KLONE leaders are always available during the interim between meetings to assist with reinforcement upon request.

Sign up today and start using tools and techniques you know will benefit your business.

The KLONE business was created by Jym North of North Consulting & Communications the facilitator of mastermind meetings, joined by Scarlet Strapko of Mediafocus International, LLC who is the Technology Leader and Craig North of Norsight Consulting, Inc. who has developed KLONE for much larger businesses to effectively manage the corporation’s best practices.