Success Services & Tools


Target the Right Customers
Develop a Strong Value Proposition
Use Social Media Effectively to Create Leads
Support Customers & Lead Generation with Email Marketing
Implement CRM to Convert Leads into Customers
KLONE for Small Business provides a hands-on learning and implementation process that creates a just-for-you toolkit of fundamental marketing best practices. The KLONE program is designed for the small business owner in the startup or near startup phase or one experiencing stagnant business or hasn’t reached its potential.

As a small business owner you have to do it all and you are told that knowledge becomes your most valuable asset. But, knowledge alone without implementation is only a potential advantage. KLONE workshops introduce tools and techniques (potential knowledge) essential to be successful.  Our mastermind sessions focus on reinforcement and hands-on implementation assistance.

Our initial five-month course KLONE Toolkit 1.0 includes a two-hour meeting twice a month – manageable for even the busiest small business owner. Program locations include Bradenton & Sarasota.

When You Complete KLONE Toolkit 1.0, you:

  • understand your customer persona and discover new ways to reach them
  • have a value proposition that fits your customer and related elevator pitches
  • are competent to use Email marketing and MailChimp
  • are competent to use Facebook and LinkedIn to support marketing
  • implement CRM to improve customer relationships, conversion and retention

Check out ‘Toolkit 1.0’ to learn more…or contact Jym North at